Languishing Language

Mike and Bill’s comments about clarity of communication and the need for streamlined writing reminds me of chapters 5 and 9 in Bill’s book, which deal with writing shorter emails — and giving leaders less information.

Jakob Nielsen has written an interesting piece on using the inverted pyramid style online. Middle Tennessee State University’s Ken Blake offers a longer explanation of the format. And Sarah Jamieson expands on its use online.

The discussion also reminds me of a recent newsletter item by Kim Schlossberg that addresses another communications foible, particularly in the marketing world: the use of the phrase “from x to y” to show a range of services and opportunities.

So far this week, Bill and other FC Now contributors have addressed a number of topics, from the attention economy to clarity of communication to budgeting. Today is Bill’s last official day contributing to FC Now. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank him for participating in the FC Book Club — I look forward to his contributions yet today!