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Asad Quraishi's comment exposes the elephant in the room that none of us really want to talk about. Asad said "It's no joke, people need to be trained in this — how to store notes for easy search and retrieval."

I'll go one step further. Not just storing notes. Who among us was ever formally taught to how to scan information? Or how to synthesize volumes into summaries without losing meaning and robustness? Or how to communicate complicated ideas simply and crisply? Or how to assess and prioritize multiple resource demands using multiple information sources and modes of communication? At least from my research and education data from sources such as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, not very many of us. And yet look at the skills we are required to use and keep improving every day! If corporate HR/Training and our school systems aren't helping us with this, what's that mean to how we develop ourselves?