Simple Basics: To Tech or Not to Tech, That’s a Big Question

Last nite, I continued my Company of Friends Book Tour with my hometown CoF group in Morristown, New Jersey. Huge thanks to Stephen Harris who organized the dinner and to all who attended…awesome conversation!

Our discussions meandered through similar day to day challenges — emails, meetings, teammates and bosses who just don’t get it. But when it came to solutions, we seemed to divide equally between Pseudo-Luddites (like myself: who focus on passion and the choices we can make ourselves simply to eliminate crap and focus on what’s important) and the Techno-Firsters (like the suggestion to get multiple domains and multi-layered spam filters to deal with email overload).

Both approaches have strengths and weaknesses. A mix of both is probably appropriate. But most of us seem to rely more heavily on one approach than the other. (Heath, I’m guessing by your aversion to PowerPoint and your pad-for-phone-messages, that despite your heavy online presence, you prefer many low-tech, or face-to-face solutions…eh?) Everyone else: Which do you use? What works for you, and why?