Customer Loyalty: How Fickle Are We, Really? II

Last week, Alison recalled a concerning customer experience that’s led her to question the meaning and value of customer loyalty.

In his CRM Mastery E-Journal, FC Now reader Jim Berkowitz not only comments on Alison’s experience — thankfully rounding up the bulk of other readers’ comments so I didn’t have to — he adds his own professional perspective to the mix.

The upshot is that customer loyalty hinges on cost — how challenging is it to switch to another product or service provider vs. remaining a satisfied customer? Berkowitz offers that if convenience trumps the number of alternatives and options, people will probably not switch. And in the end, it comes down to customer service and communication:

To improve customer loyalty (and retention) an organization must continuously strive to become more customer focused. What is customer focus? It’s looking at things from the customer’s perspective. It’s appreciating and understanding that everything that anyone or anything does matters, and affects the customers’ experience of and satisfaction with the organization and its products and services. To become more customer focused an organization must develop its ability to anticipate, manage and exceed customer expectations.

More on this as Alison’s story progresses.