Attention Must Be Paid II

Thanks Heath…I was about to cite the same article.

In an attempt to keep a complicated subject simple(!), there are really just two dimensions to this week’s topic of simplicity and doing less so you can accomplish more.

  • Respect
  • Productivity/Effectiveness

Focusing our attention on one person/group/thing at a time, especially given the fact that we’re all so overloaded and crazed, demonstrates our respect for others. And saying figuring out where/when/how to say no to some of that craziness is a form of respect for ourselves and those we care about.

The ability to focus one’s attention in a world of information and choice overload is the only path to personal productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Early on in my research, I discovered that the fairly universal definition of work has become: Figuring out what to do with finite time and attention, and infinite information and choices.

If you’d like another resource for the impact of this challenge on all of us, check out a most awesome book by a buddy, Tom Davenport: The Attention Economy.