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Hi from SimpliCity! As author of November's Book of Month, The Simplicity Survival Handbook, Heath has asked me to bop in for a week and share some ramblings, rumblings, and pithy thoughts on the impact of simplicity and complexity on all of our lives. (Thank you Heath! I'm honored!)

First, an homage to a Buddha, then a call to action. Many years ago, I sat at the feet of an info-age Buddha — a very big and very wise man — Richard Saul Wurman. I have been so blown away by his TED conferences, that I've been religiously attending them for years and twice ponied up big bucks and taken my son out of high school for a week to have him attend TED. Once, this Buddha said something that had a huge impact on me. He said, "I don't sell my expertise, I sell my ignorance. I sell my curiousity, my questions — I write books and produce conferences about what interests me."

I hearby dedicate this week as Simpleton Week. Where we have the right to explore issues by exposing our ignorant underbelly, and simply say "I don't know. So let's find out." That spirit has guided the past 11 years of my life. Since 1992, I've studied work complexity in over 1,000 companies, and surveyed, focus grouped (no, not groped), and interviewed over 350,000 people, asking "Why is it so hard to get work done? What makes it so complicated? What would make your work easier?" (Download the full study findings.)

Let's explore those questions together. Let's celebrate our ignorance. Because I've found that the most important path to action is starting with the right questions. I'll begin with some of the questions I hear all the time, and I ask you to also email me with anything you'd like to ask or better understand. All hail Simpletons!