Music and Moonlighting

What is it with leaders and singing? Back in August, I mentioned a senior VP who’s a world-class whistler. No less than the prime minister of Italy writes Neapolitan love ballads. And the October issue of American Lawyer features Michael Rubin, a 53-year-old partner at McGlinchey Stafford.

A real estate lawyer, appellate specialist, adjunct law school professor — and singer/songwriter — Rubin doesn’t shy from stirring up his vocation and avocation. A frequent speaker on the bar association circuit, Rubin is known to end his presentations by breaking into song. He’ll complete a speech about a serious subject and then — shades of Victor Borge, Tom Lehrer, and Steve Allen — turn to a piano and break into song.

While Rubin doesn’t perform for clients or during trials, he does write his own lyrics, often to be sung to popular songs. For example, “There’s No Lawyers Like Tax Lawyers”:

There’s no lawyers like tax lawyers/Like no lawyers I know/You think the IRS code is quite exciting/You think the regulations are a breeze/Their clarity is just what you would wish ’em/To you they’re Grisham, and not like legalese.