What Do You Do When You Procrastinate?

I listen to music. I watch “The O.C.” I surf the Web. (Clearly, I procrastinate a lot.)

Tonite, in mid-surf (and only after satisfying myself that no, Marissa will not be going to a mental institution in San Diego), I discovered that some people are much more creative with their procrastination time than I am. Shades of Scott Kirsner’s recent piece, “Five Technologies That Will Change the World”, the New York Times asked 11 “prominent men and women” to riff on what their ideal gadget of the future would be.

Pat Russo, CEO of Lucent Technologies, wishes someone could combine the 15 different devices she normally carries into one all-purpose gizmo. Football commentator Cris Collinsworth wants TiVO that he can take on the road. Moby wants recreational drugs “that aren’t bad for you and that aren’t addictive.” As he reminds us in the story: “If they can put a man on the moon…?” Check out the article to find out what Donald Trump, Margaret Cho, and others hope the technology of the future will look like.

My ideal tech trick: a temporary clone who could make my story deadlines for me while I uncover more useless facts about my latest TV obsession (did anyone else notice that the actress who plays Marissa was in Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant when she was a little kid? Yeah, well, that’s what I was watching while procrastinating last night…)

What do you wish for?