Better Business Blogging Bureau

Michael Hanscom was fired from the MSCopy print shop earlier this week because he posted a photograph of Apple G5’s being delivered to the Microsoft campus in Redmond. Word is that sharing that Microsoft was all over the new G5’s wasn’t an issue — but identifying the building in which Hanscom worked was. It was a security risk.

It was certainly a job security risk, and increasingly, running blogs on the side can be seen as grounds for termination.

That seems relatively short sighted. Microsoft has hundreds — if not thousands — of active bloggers among its ranks. And if companies are at all serious about incorporating blogs into their business activities, they’ll need to do so in the spirit of the exisiting blogging community to some extent.

In June, Microsoft Watch reported that Microsoft was considering a corporate blogging policy. If one isn’t already in place, it seems like the company should get one organized soon.

Does your company have a blogging policy in addition to its Net usage policy? Does your company have a policy addressing how employees interact with people outside the company?

Because that’s what this is really about.