Spare Change?

While I was unable to participate in Pegasus Communications’ Systems Thinking in Action conference, Changing Our Organizations to Change the World, earlier this month, I’m glad that the organization has made the mind maps of the plenary sessions publicly available.

Among the highlights:

  • Peter Senge discussed how individuals and organizations can shift the ways in which they engage with others in order to reach new levels of effectiveness in their industries, communities, and the world
  • Adam Kahane, founding member of Generon Consulting, shared a framework for talking and listening that has helped multiple stakeholders in South Africa and Guatemala come together in the wake of horrific violence
  • Leaders from Unilever, one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies, described how their organization attained double-digit growth in a sluggish industry by implementing transformational leadership development practices, including reflective conversation
  • Staff from Roca Inc., a Massachusetts-based human development and community-building organization, shared how they “show up differently” with key external partners, such as the social services and criminal justice systems, to create extraordinary relationships and in turn effect profound change in their community

Not all of the text is legible, and the mind maps don’t offer the depth that a transcript or fuller report might, but this is a good way to catch up on some of the recent thinking about business systems.