Generation… Huh?

Back in 1998, Fast Company suggested that it was high time 20-somethings and 40-somethings stopped warring — and started working together. In actual fact, I thought we’d moved beyond the whole Baby Boomer, Baby Buster, Generation X, Generation Y, Generation Next thing.

Now, I know the generations have their differences, but is it anything new to say that people of different ages need to listen to each other? The editors of HighGain Inc.’s online newsletter, Sssh! Listen up!, seem to think so.

Even though I question the importance of hinging the issue on a perceived generational divide, the end result of their roundup of generation-related listening, learning, and leading tools is good advice regardless of people’s age:

  • Act on what you hear; don’t react.
  • Repeat what the speaker said in your own words to make sure you understand.
  • Create a listening environment to make it harder for biases and barriers to arise.
  • Be empathic and open minded.
  • Take differences into account.