The Brand Called USA

In a timely followup to an entry yesterday, Wendy Melillo writes in this week’s Adweek that the State Department may place less emphasis on selling America’s image as a brand overseas. The shift stems from Margaret Tutwiler’s nomination to take the place of Charlotte Beers as undesecretary of state for public diplomacy.

Critics have decried many of the tactics used previously to spread good word about the U.S. of A. And the questions raised by the Adweek piece bring up some interesting branding issues. Organizations — countries — can run all the marketing and branding campaigns they want, but if practices don’t reflect that brand, it’s all for naught. Perhaps U.S. leaders should reconsider foreign policy hand in hand with such initiatives as Hi Magazine.

What do you think? Can you brand a country? Can you rebrand a city?

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