Newsletters of Note II

In today’s mail, I received the “world’s smallest newsletter.” It’s titled the World’s Smallest Newsletter, and the Fall 2003 “edition” — basically, a postcard — is the fifth issue “published” by North Star Marketing Inc., as well as the newsletter’s first anniversary issue.

73% of businesses receive up to 10 newsletters per month. Of those businesses, 97% read 0-5 newsletters in their entirety.

It’s clear that this “newsletter” is a marketing piece promoting North Star’s new postcard design and printing business, but the world’s smallest newsletter did its job. As silly as it seems, the item caught my attention, inspired me to read the whole thing, got me to visit the company’s Web site — which is worth checking out in its own right — and, now, tell others about it.

If that’s not good marketing, I’m not sure what is.