Martha. Still Here. For Now.

Marthaphiles can sleep a little better tonight. As Heath mentioned last week, K-Mart has decided not to drop Martha Stewart from its latest ad campaign, “Kmart. Right Here. Right Now” — despite the fact that the Empress of Everything Domestic is facing charges in a stock-trading scandal.

Meanwhile, embattled NBA star and once-ubiquitous pitchman Kobe Bryant, who is scheduled to find out today if he’ll go on trial for felony sexual assault, has already been benched by Nutella, and LeBron James appears to have taken his place in the Sprite lineup. Nike, which reportedly signed Bryant to a five-year deal worth around $40 million two weeks before the alleged incident, appears to be preoccupied with its December launch of James’ signature shoe.

What would you do if Kobe Bryant or Martha Stewart were the spokesperson for your company? Are celebrities worth the risk?

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