Astute FC Now reader Andrew Feldman commented on the eerie similarity between the cover story of the November issue of Fast Company and the main feature in the Oct. 27 edition of BusinessWeek.

It’s true. Russell Simmons appears on the cover of Fast Company, which hit subscribers’ mailboxes and newsstands early last week, as well as BusinessWeek, which hit my in box Friday. It’d be slightly embarrassing if FC hadn’t come out first.

This hasn’t happened to us since 1997, when Fast Company‘s Brand Called You issue hit the newsstand to — sometimes — sit side by side with an issue of, I believe, Bloomberg Personal Finance, whose cover also riffed on the iconic Tide box.

Sometimes stuff like that happens. And we know that no less than Donald Trump has read at least the Fast Company feature, if not both stories. In response to Simmons saying, “[Trump]’s my nigga,” the Don remarked, “I think that’s a great compliment and I will thank him for that.”