Gone Fishin’ II

Last Friday, Kevin asked:

What are some Web sites that you use to find great thinking about business, whether they be commercial sites, blogs, message boards, or mailing lists?

Response has been wonderful, and I apologize for not sharing some of the best recommendations sooner. Among the more interesting suggestions are:

  • BusinessPundit: Published by an avid FC Now reader, this blog covers corporate strategy, economics, globalization, sales and marketing, and other subjects
  • Capitalist Brief: Like the Drudge Report — even in terms of its design — only focusing on business news
  • Chronicles of George: A collection of helpdesk tickets from the “worst helpdesk technician ever,” as well as a productive discussion area for technology professionals
  • Dana’s Blog: While the blog concentrates on blogging, as so many blogs do, there’s also a wide range of business, innovation, and sales and marketing topics addressed
  • How to Save the World: Dave Pollard’s writing on sustainable business, knowledge management, technology, creativity, collaboration, and other topics
  • MarketingWonk: “The single source for no-nonsense Internet marketing news” covers advertising, sales, and marketing
  • The Occupational Adventure: “Clustered around the the central theme of occupational adventure … a career that really gets you juiced,” this blog addresses failure, mentoring, perfectionism, and competition

Thanks to everyone who let us know what they read. We’ll continue to comb the Web for the best of business ideas, innovation, and leadership tools.