Where Women Want to Work

Earlier this week, I was pleased to see former Fast Company staffer Jill Kirschenbaum on television, as well as quoted in several newspaper articles. The reason? Now editor in chief of Working Mother magazine, Jill was talking about the recent release of their annual 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers list.

Among the top 10: Abbot Laboratories, Booz Allen Hamilton, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co., Eli Lilly and Co., Fannie Mae, General Mills, IBM, Prudential, S. C. Johnson & Son Inc., and Wachovia Corp.

Judging organizations based on representation of women, advancement, compensation, child care, flexibility, and corporate culture, the best companies seem to give substantial attention to work-life balance needs.

And the more I look at the list of employee services offered by the winning companies, the more I think that the list is probably also oriented toward working parents, not just mothers.