FC Book Club – The Near Misses

What a chore. Choosing five books each month to feature for the magazine’s book club from the multitude of management, leadership, careers, and professional skills titles that are released. I never thought it would be so tough. You’re probably thinking, “Give me a job like that!”

In all seriousness however, more than 2,000 business books are published by the major houses each year, a great percentage of them in the fourth quarter. Knowing that our goal is to find books with special resonance for discussion groups, it limits my choices.

Some have already asked for the second tier — the books that just missed the cut. In no particular order and with minimal editorial commentary, here are five additional titles that Fast Company readers should find compatible with the magazine’s mission to lead better and work smarter.

Why Smart Executives Fail – Great research backs up this entertaining book about what we can learn from some of history’s great business debacles. Smokeless cigarettes, anyone?

How Customers Think – Here’s a book that’s somewhat at odds with the traditional methods companies use to identify and incent their best customers.

The Iron Triangle – This book, about what may be serious conflicts of interest at the heart of our government, is a triumph of investigative journalism.

The Influentials – The authors of this book suggest that word-of-mouth marketing from “early adopters” accounts for much of what we buy, how we vote, and who we watch on TV.

Brag – A Fortune 500 communications expert offers solid advice on how to toot one’s horn without drowning out the orchestra. Job seekers take note!

Have I missed one of your favorites? Feel free to weigh in. When it comes right down to it, we’re all critics at heart.