Will Work for… Work II

While members of the Austin chapter of the Company of Friends, Fast Company‘s readers network, haven’t seen Jeff Mills, the Dude on the Corner, out and about around town, a recent email exchange between local members has touched on the state of Austin’s business community — and the potential of Mills’ job-search “strategy.” Here are some of the highlights:

Jennifer Dockeray: I haven’t met him or heard of him, but it sounds about right for job searching around here! My boyfriend almost took similar lengths to find work because the market is terrible. There are 100 applicants for every job, and most are “over-qualified.”

KT Hernandez: It’s bad enough that I almost did this. Literally, I was making up signs for standing on a street corner only a couple of days before I landed a job. I am forwarding his information to people who may be able to help him.

Don Jarrell: From his resume, I would expect that he is employable, and I am surprised that he is not.

As a job-search strategy, I think it is attention-getting, but in an iconic way. I don’t think this is something that many people could emulate with success. I have to wonder if his chosen style of presentation has not taken on some life of its own. Perhaps he is not interested, at this point, in a low-profile position developing financial applications and tools.