Customer-Managed Relationships III

OK, so Heath beat me to it by nine minutes, but I’d like to add that your right to decide who is allowed to market to you took one on the chin today. Despite the 50 million people who had signed up for this, it may be a non-starter. Sad.

Listen, when 50 million people go through the trouble of actually telling you that they don’t want your service, maybe your company, or your industry as a whole, is in need of a new marketing direction.

Here’s a few tips provided by our friend Seth Godin, who I’m sure will have something to say about this one:

  • Sell what people are buying
  • Focus on the early adopters and sneezers
  • Make it remarkable enough for them to pay attention
  • Make it easy for them to spread
  • Let it work its own way to the mass market

Start there, and stop making me afraid to answer my own damn phone.