Directors of First Impressions

Cathleen Jivoin’s title at Florida-based telecom developer Teltronics is director of first impressions. But instead of working solely as a glorified receptionist, her job is to set the right mood for everyone who walks into the company’s lobby.

Now there’s a Web zine for people who’ve chosen the career of director of first impressions: Career Receptionist. Published by Fast Company reader Sabrina Messenger, a self-styled “lobby goddess” in Oregon, the low-design but high-energy site features the Receptionist’s Creed; professional development resources; a quick quiz to rate your telephone etiquette; a directory of receptionists who went on to greater work such as Rosa Parks and Barbara Walters; and a clever list of fictional receptionists from TV shows and other media.

I know National Boss Day is coming up Oct. 16. And that Administrative Professionals Day was back in April. Still, take a moment today and stop by to say hi to your receptionist. They’re the first point of contact many of our customers and partners have with our organizations — and they’re often overlooked.