Are You (Adver)Game?

Ted Murphy, CEO of Mindcomet, recently shared his firm’s recipe for advergame development success with Fast Company.

  • Strategy What market are they trying to target? What is their demographic? Not every game is suited for every type of person.
  • Hook What value-added offers are we going to incorporate? Sweepstakes, Discounts?
  • Solid advergame Four components play into creating a solid advergame: rich graphics, standard technology, intuitive game play, and brand integration.
  • Promotion You want to utilize existing data and user information. By touching existing users, you are capitalizing on the initial investment in the advergame through a continued email relationship. Second, promotion through a third-party Web site is key in increasing reach. Finally, many companies neglect to place their advergame on their own Web site.
  • Data collection Collect relevant information to the game and user. It is also important to gauge user preference on the products and services that the company offers.
  • Incentive-based referrals Viral referrals are the most cost-effective method of promoting the advergame. For every person contacted, another two or three prospective consumers can be reached. As an incentive for the current user to refer a friend, new levels or moves can be unlocked for their current game play.
  • Referral messaging Existing player’s information and scores can be used to get other people interested in the game.