Outsourcing Jobs to Trinidad and the Ukraine?

The outflow of American white-collar jobs to India has been occuring for many years. But India’s success is now apparently getting a lot of attention from other countries. This week in New York at the OutsourceWorld Conference, there are organizations from Trinidad, Tobago, the Ukraine, Egypt, Russia and other nations offering wages as much as 60% under U.S. computer engineers.

Today’s New York Post, covering the event, says that “nations from Bulgaria to Grenada are touting themselves as the new Silicon Valleys.” One thing’s for sure: The movement of professional jobs overseas isn’t going to stop. Forrester Research estimates that more than 472,000 computer jobs will move overseas by 2015.

In this economic environment, one job you might not want to have is selling people on outsourcing still more jobs. As an outsourcing exec from India told the Post: “You have to know who you are speaking to and spin accordingly. You don’t go to worker bees and talk about outsourcing because they fear for their jobs. If you don’t have the right spin, you’re killing yourself.”

Added the exec from India: “If you think you can hold the hands of a clock and stop time, you’re welcome to try.”