Wisely Read

Fast Company Now reader Tom Asacker, whom I met during last fall’s Company of Friends Roadshow, recommends the following resources:

  • BrandChannel: Interbrand’s online exchange about branding features industry analysis, debate, insights, and resources. The archive of white papers includes writing about alignment, governance, licensing, and storytelling.
  • MarketingProfs: Seemingly a weekly, this site is self-described as “marketing know-how from professionals and professors.” It’s a rich read. The Sept. 16 edition includes writing on internal politics, newsletters, and online surveys. BlogBytes features occasional well-researched and somewhat lengthy entries recently focusing on ethnographic research, feedback — and failure.
  • Reveries: This long-running Web site highlights marketing ideas, insights, and strategies. The publisher’s daily email newsletter, Cool News of the Day, interprets marketing stories published elsewhere, offering commentary and plenty of contextual links to help paint a more complete picture.

Thanks for the pointers, Tom!