Business Bus?

In an effort to lure customers away from the expensive air shuttle and to out-cheap Amtrak’s erratic Acela high-speed train, Fergus McCann wants travelers to take… the bus?

Dubbed the LimoLiner, the 28-seat luxury bus service costs just $69 each way, and travels from Boston to New York in four hours. Not the speediest of trips, but travelers are treated to roomy leather seats, DirecTV and XM satellite radio, and most importantly, internet access, either Wi-Fi or by the ethernet jack in each seat.

Factoring in the amount of time it takes on both ends, getting to the airport, and getting into town on the other end, the time differerence between the LimoLiner and the air shuttle is small, and in my experience with the Acela, the bus just might be faster.

Seems to me, working in a rolling office for 4 hours beats the 20 minutes of work possible during tray-table time on the shuttle or the frustrations and unreliability of the Acela.

Though it will be a challenge at first for people to leave a meeting saying they have to “catch the bus,” the amenities provided might help McCann beat the stigma attached to bus travel.