While you’re considering such weighty issues as whether you work for a bad company, whether men really work harder than women, or whether you agree with the 66% of managers who told Accenture they want to take a hike from their current jobs, take a moment to consider this:

15 million Internet users have become fans of the Star Wars Kid, a Canadian teenager who filmed himself doing a lightsaber routine on his high school sound stage…then had the misfortune of having his friends upload the video to Kazaa and file-share it with the rest of the world. Mortifying? Perhaps. Hilarious? Most definitely.

Now there are dozens of “Clone” videos on the site, in which geeks from around the world have added special effects to turn the SWK into everything from a Matrix star to the latest incarnation of the Terminator. (My favorite: the “Original Re-Mix.” I cannot stop laughing!)

Watch them all at: And go ahead. Join the SWK Fan Club. Make a donation to his PayPal fund…after all, while I’m worrying whether I don’t work as hard as my male peers, while you wonder whether you should quit your job, while we all wonder whether our companies are up to no good, the SWK is making us all laugh and say, “Thank God it’s Friday!”