AB Positives

In today’s cover story, USA Today explores the ideas brought forth in Thomas J. DeLong and Vineeta Vijayaraghavan’s June article in Harvard Business Review titled Let’s Hear It for B Players.

The article, in a nutshell, categorizes workers into two categories: A players and B players. The A’s are “volatile stars who may score the biggest revenues and clients, but who’re also the most likely to commit missteps,” while the B’s “prize stability in their work and home lives. They seldom strive for advancement or attention, caring more about their companies’ well-being.”

While there’s certainly gains for an organization to paying attention to the care and feeding of the B players, and that these B players do have importance in keeping the stability of an organization through the sheer fact that they’re not going anywhere, it seems that a little nurturing might help them be more than just a B player in work and life. Apathy and a lack of any sort of self-improvement goals isn’t doing any good for the employee or the organization.

While obviously not everyone has the ability or even the desire to be an A player, there’s got to be a middle ground where those who aren’t always bucking for more continue to learn the best of the skills of the A players while keeping the desired work / life balance intact.

Maybe these people could be grouped like the blood type, AB positives.