Questions Every Leader Should Ask

Having a productive conversation is at the heart of good leadership. There’s a relatively new book out that is a terrific primer for a good heart-to-heart. It’s called Fierce Conversations and is written by Susan Scott.

She serves up some great questions for discussions with colleagues and direct reports:

  • What has become clear since last we met?
  • What is the area that, if you made an improvement, would give you and others the greatest return on time, energy, and dollars invested?
  • What is currently impossible to do that, if it were possible, would change everything?
  • What are you trying to make happen in the next three months?
  • What’s the most important decision you’re facing? What’s keeping you from making it?
  • What topic are you hoping I won’t bring up?
  • What area under your responsibility are you most satisfied with? Least satisfied with?
  • What part of your responsibilities are you avoiding right now?
  • Who are your strongest employees? What are you doing to ensure that they’re happy and motivated?
  • Who are your weakest employees? What is your plan for them?