B2B a Fantasy?

The question I get asked the most about my work is whether it also applies to business to business marketing. Thing is, there’s no such thing. All marketing, sooner or later, is to a person. If you try to market to a faceless entity, you’ll fail.

The folks at Smurfit Stone Container Corporation probably mean well, but they’re almost impossible to interact with. Try the “ask the expert” part of their site. It forces you to register before you an ask a question, and then, at least for me, the registration fails. So you can’t ask.

Of course, you can call, but instead of switching you to sales, a “customer service agent”, being paid by the keystroke, takes a message and you wait and wait for a callback.


Compare them to Inland Consumer Packaging. I called, they answered in one ring. The receptionist was funny and smart. She connected me immediately to a salesperson who had insight, he had answers and he probably has my business.

It’s not that hard.