Next Big Thing: The Clapper

This week Time magazine adds its cover story What’s Next to the jumble of recent magazine stories about new technologies. You can see ours here.

A sidebar in Time‘s collection made me wonder, however. In this, technology forecaster Paul Saffo posits, “We’re getting close to putting GPS inside any arbitrary object, like keys. If you lose your keys, you could just access the Web and ask where they are.”

Call me a pessimist, but I’m not too sure this is a realistic scenario. If someone has difficulty with a lo-fi concept like keys, are really going to be tech savvy and determined enough to log on and find their keys that way? Wouldn’t a Clapper-like device make more sense?

It’s one or the other, Old Joe says, “Martha!?! How do I download the Interweb,” or he says “Martha?!? Where’s my keys!”

This whole concept can be summed up in two on-target Onion satires:

Area Man Consults Internet Whenever Possible
Getting Mom Onto Internet A Sisyphean Ordeal