Overcoming Uncertainty

FC Now reader Daniel Robinson recommends a recent article by Andy Stanley in the Summer 2003 edition of Leadership Journal, a periodical produced for church leaders.

In the article, Stanley highlights the importance of clarity in uncertain times — and how leaders need to make confident decisions despite dissent. He offers the following four tips:

  • Express your uncertainty with confidence.
  • Seek wise counsel.
  • Measure your success by the scoreboard, not the playbook.
  • Be willing to act decisively.

In the July 2003 issue of Fast Company, Ryan Underwood considered safer ways to take risks. And in the April 2002 issue, Keith Hammonds outlined a new approach to risk, indicating that caution and conservatism occasionally have their virtues. Hammonds offers three characteristics of organizations that thrive in tumultuous times:

  • Disciplined opportunism
  • Continuous learning — and unlearning
  • Adaptive experimentation

The key here is adaptation. Even in the most uncertain of times, don’t fall prey to paralysis by analysis.