Thought Leaders: A Top 20 List

Who are the most influential business gurus? In a recent book, What’s The Big Idea, a couple of authors rank the top 200 thought leaders in business by using a rather wacky methodology. They combined Google hits, media mentions, and SSCI citations to rack and stack the gurus. It’s a relatively familiar list, with a number of Fast Company contributors over the years.

What do you think of this top 20? And who should be on here that’s missing?

1. Michael Porter
2. Tom Peters
3. Robert Reich
4. Peter Drucker
5. Gary S. Becker
6. Peter Senge
7. Gary Hamel
8. Alvin Toffler
9. Hal Varian
9. Daniel Goleman
11. Rosabeth Moss Kanter
12. Ronald Coase
12 Lester Thurow
14. Charles Handy
15. Paul Romer
16. Henry Mintzberg
17. Stephen Covey
18. Michael Hammer
19. Bill Gates
20. Warren Bennis