Fast Company… on the Air!

Fast Company contributing editor Scott Kirsner will host a one-hour radio show this week from 1-2 p.m. on the Bloomberg Radio affiliate in Boston, WBIX 1060 AM.


The show won’t have a strong technology focus but will cover Boston business in general — and tap into some organizations previously featured in Fast Company.

Here are some of the people who’ll be on the show:


  • Laura Nash, author and Harvard Business School research fellow, talks about Piper Cove Fund, the new hedge fund she launched this summer
  • Aaron Schatz, producer for Lycos, talks about the Lycos 50 and how he tracks emerging trends on the Web
  • Albert Bronander, CEO of SnowMagic, talks about making snow in the summer at Tenney Mountain in New Hampshire


  • Ross Gittell, UNH professor and VP of the New England Economic Project, talks about the regional economy and prospects for a rebound
  • Diane Darling, president of Effective Networking, talks about how NOT to network and critiques Scott’s networking skills


  • Todd Dagres, general partner of Battery Ventures, talks about how the world of venture capital is being remade, and when (if ever) we could start seeing tech IPOs again
  • Mac MacCabe, founder of O’Naturals, talks about the challenges of trying to start a quick-service (aka fast food) chain offering healthier food than you’d find at McDonald’s or Wendy’s


  • Scott Griffith, CEO of Zipcar, talks about expanding a business beyond Boston, the Zipcar model, and a possible deal with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to manage the state’s fleet of vehicles
  • Susan Swanson, co-owner of the Mendon Drive-In, talks about operating the only surviving drive-in movie theater in the Boston area

Turn on, tune in, take notes.