Subscription-based Shooters

Business people have long drawn on military leadership for lessons and ideas. People continue to cite Sun Tzu’s The Art of War as a handy business reference — and Mark McNeily has even penned a tome titled Sun Tzu and the Art of Business.

So it’s not surprising that the military is starting to look to business for new lessons and ideas itself. From the extremely popular video game America’s Army, which was designed to market the military to teenage video gamers (and even won an advertising award), to an advertising campaign now two years old but still the first major marketing move in 20 years, the Army looks to business for leads.

Perhaps inspired by America’s Army, the business world is now looking back — but not in the usual manner. Kuma Reality Games has announced the release of a subscription-based first-person shooter game that will draw on the headlines of the day to offer new missions and scenarios. As world affairs heat up and military actions continue, Kuma: War will follow the action.

It’s not quite as alarming as the short-lived Pentagon plan for an online trading market for terrorism scenarios, but I’m not sure how I feel about video gamers reliving the horrors of international war in the accurate — not the abstract.