Speaking of the ubiquitous Google, welcome to the slightly creepy world of “CounterGoogling.” In contrast to regular Googling, in which we, as consumers, check out companies and service providers, with CounterGoogling marketers check you out first.

A real-world example:

“The Bel Air Hotel in LA already Googles first-time guests upon arrival, based on their reservation details (name and address), leading to personalized services like assigning guests a room with morning sun if Googling shows the guest enjoys jogging early in the day.”

Now this, I like, because it’s helping a service provider give me better service and I initiated the transaction. However, the article indicates “marketers” are already coming up with some ideas to abuse the system, researching random Webloggers writings and online resumes in order to make them an unsolicited offer they “can’t refuse.” That’s just shady. Clever, but shady.

Will they never get it?