At Lunch With Luke Visconti

“Senior executives don’t respect the Web.” — Luke Visconti, partner and founder of DiversityInc.

Visconti helped to launch a Web site on diversity issues in 1998 and put it into the black within 18 months. But it wasn’t until a year ago that he began putting out a print version, a slick bi-monthly magazine called DiversityInc.

Ask him today his biggest mistake and you get a somewhat surprising answer. “Not getting into print sooner,” Visconti says. “When we just had the Web site, I couldn’t get a lot of people to talk to me on the phone. Most of our audience is over 40 and most of them would prefer to read us in print. Senior executives don’t respect the Web.”

Indeed, he says, his magazine, with a circulation of 100,000, is already producing far more profit than the Web site. Which raises an interesting question: Do senior executives really disrespect the Web? What do you think?