New York’s Trying Times

Does anyone at The New York Times read anymore? I know they’re not reading Fast Company, that’s for sure. First there was Monday’s article about us, that our Editor John Byrne politely commented on here and FC Now contributor Seth Godin rightly called “lazy journalism” on his personal blog, now NYT opinion writer Maureen Dowd writes today about political candidates’ blogs, and says:

“Fast Company, a hot magazine that celebrated the successes of dot-com innovators, is now relegated to eulogizing them.”

Say what? While I’m happy to hear the magazine is “hot,” I really don’t see any truth in her comment, and don’t see how it’s relevant in her piece. At least she could have mentioned the Fast Company weblog in a commentary on weblogs, if that’s what she was talking about.

I don’t want to jump on the “Times is in Trouble” or the “Maureen Dowd Hate” bandwagons, but it does seem like the level of professionalism at the Times has slipped.

What do you think?

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