Sign of the Dot-Com Apocalypse IV

FC Now reader Les Black raises the recent activities of the RIAA in a comment yesterday.

The current issue of Blender includes a snarky brief on how not to get sued by the RIAA. The Electronic Frontier Foundation offers a more substantial — and legally valid — guide to avoiding an RIAA lawsuit.

NetCoalition, a policy group co-founded by Doubleclick, Lycos, and Yahoo — and representing more than 100 ISPs — is questioning the subpoenas. And SBC Communications sued the RIAA after receiving more than 200 subpoenas requesting customers’ personal data.

Hopefully, all of this will help influence the RIAA to stop suing college freshmen. Consumers are already organizing a boycott of labels working with the RIAA. And I have personally pledged not to buy another Metallica record. Mostly because of their misguided stance on file sharing, but also because I haven’t really enjoyed their music since “Master of Puppets.”