TiVo or Not TiVo

I’ll admit it. I’m a TiVo fanboy. I’m the guy who’s always prattling on and on about it to friends, but it has changed the way I watch TV.

I’m not talking about skipping through bad commercials. I actually watch them if they’re amusing, or skillfully done, sort of as a reward to the company and ad agency for putting some creativity into their pitch.

We’ve covered TiVo more than once in the magazine, and it seems the company is always just on the brink of taking the world by storm.

The company hit a major snag this week, when a Barron’s story predicted the device may be cast aside in the next few years. This sent the company’s stock price reeling, and cost the company quite a bit of market capitalization.

Now, most everyone who has a TiVo loves it and can’t help telling their friends, which should, in turn, create the very kind of buzz Linda Tischler wrote about in the August feature Buzz Without Bucks.

So why isn’t the TiVo sweeping the market? What is it that TiVo is doing wrong that won’t let them get over that hump?

They’re just not putting that buzz to work for them.

I’d be interested to hear theories and strategies from other contributors as well as our readers, who can talk back to us by clicking the “Add Comment” tag just below this and all other posts, for that matter.