VP of Tweet

In the Aug. 11 edition of AdAge, columnist Richard Linnett profiles Steve Herbst, senior VP at the recruitment ad agency Bernard Hodes Group. Days, Herbst dons a suit and tie for the Omnicom-owned agency. Nights, he dons a red bowtie and performs as a worldwide grand champion whistler.

Having performed at Irish pubs in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia — as well as the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. — Herbst’s whistling career is even starting to dovetail with his 30-year stint at Hodes. So far, he’s recorded tracks for Chase Manhattan, Pepsi, and Chili’s ads.

But I want to know what his co-workers think. Thankfully, Linnett asked. Says Herbst, “People come down and ask, ‘Do you mind if I close your door?'” Talk about whistling while you work!