You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit

A recent article published by Maximum Potential, a St. Paul, Minnesota-based employee development firm, highlights the 10 kinds of job applicants most likely to be fired — or to quit. The categories — and tips on how to spot these problem hires early on — follow:

  • The Paranoids Look for an inability to accept responsibility.
  • The Utopians Keeping one job for two years or more is at the bottom of their to-do list.
  • The Charmers The applicant treats you like a celebrity, and you’re not that great.
  • The Fools They can’t grasp the obvious, and their applications are incomplete or inconsistent.
  • The Liars Watch for closed-off body language, subject changes, and shifty eyes.
  • The Uncertains They take forever to accept a job offer and remain uncertain once they’re working.
  • The Materialists Red-flag phrase: “Show me the money!”
  • The Perfectionists Can they tolerate the shortcomings of your organization?
  • The Wounded Some companies mistreat employees. If an applicant comes from a high-turnover organization, is your company a better place for them?
  • The Losers Angry, anti-social, and aggressive.

When interviewing potential hires, how do you work with people who fit the descriptions above? Are there other warning signs hiring managers should look for?