Create, Rip, Mix and Burn: A New Model For Corporate Learning

The phrase “create, rip, mix and burn,” popularized by Apple, summarizes how fans are personalizing and sharing their music experience. They are empowered with the ability to “create new music,” “rip or copy music,” “mix” this music to generate new musical creations and lastly “burn” this into a final new product to enjoy.

Richard Baraniuk is a professor at Rice University and founder of Connexions, a free, open-source, global clearinghouse of course materials. He has translated this concept of “create, rip, mix and burn” to textbooks and given people in almost 200 countries around the world the ability to create and share new textbooks on everything from engineering to ornithology to music, while adapting the content as they see fit. The potential is enormous. Catherine Schmidt-Jones, a mom in Illinois with a degree in music, creates music curriculum for children using the Connexions process which has been downloaded over 600,000 times from her site, many by traditional K-12 teachers.

Now fast forward – think about how this can be used in corporate learning. Rather than spending millions of dollars on designing expensive customized learning programs, everyone in the organization can be empowered to create new content using a Web 2.0 toolkit of blogs, wiki’s and RSS feeds. The advantages can be enormous including:

  • Faster response time to changing, new knowledge
  • Customizable to local needs that require a different presentation of material
  • Lower cost
  • Wider base of contributors and potentially richer content
  • Faster translation to languages by members of the community

“Create, Rip, Mix and Burn” will continue to emerge as the new model for corporate learning in your organization.

Corporate Learning Consultant• New York City, NY • New Learning Playbook