Study: Do Social Networks Improve Your Life?

Ever wonder what those millions of other people joining social networks plan to do once they’re there?

Beyond throwing sheep on Facebook or becoming a fan of hip-hop stars on MySpace, many people join social networks to better manage and expand their circle of personal and professional relationships. Some people hope to find a date or search for lost friends. Others join just to see what the buzz is all about.

As a journalist & researcher I want to know: Do social networks help you both personally and professionally? Can they help advance your career? Are they more entertaining than video games? Are they a better match for you than dating sites?

I’m pleased to invite you to participate in a comprehensive study called the State of Social Networking 2008. The survey is free, fast (about 10 minutes) and confidential. No one will sell you anything. And the study makes it easy to rate the social networking sites you use most often for business or pleasure.

Completing the survey enters you in a drawing for an Apple iPhone (or equivalent value prize) from an Apple Store.

I look forward to studying the data and sharing it with you. For research wonks: the recruitment drive behind this study is limited to social media such as blogs, community forums, StumbleUpon and social networks. Please feel free to spread the word to your social network contacts about this study – your participation is greatly appreciated! To complete the survey, please visit

Rusty Weston, My Global Career • San Francisco, Ca • •