The Leading Edge – How Committed Are You to Keeping Your New Years Resolutions

Want to see if you’re really committed to keeping a New Year’s Resolution?

Step 1: Think of someone in your life who cares about you that you most respect.
Step 2: Go to him, tell him you’d like his assistance and ask him one positive behavior you could start doing and one negative behavior you could stop doing that would increase his and other’s respect for you.
Step 3: Repeat back to him those behaviors to make sure you heard him accurately.
Step 4: Ask him if he would be willing to send you an email in two weeks and then a month later to see if you’ve kept your commitment (after a month’s time, there’s a good chance it will become internalized and then you ask for another pair of behaviors to improve upon).
Step 5: Thank him and ask him how you can return the favor to him.

The extent to which you will do this is directly related to your true commitment to change. If you hesitate, then you are more ready for change than you are ready to change and you’re not going to change.