Leadership: Stubborn Leadership

You have the job….the job of a lifetime…the job of a leader. Your heart is in the right place. You want to take your organization to the next level and you know the potential is there but you’re losing the support of your people.

One by one they’re leaving the leadership camp hoping an intelligent, well-meaning leader will see he is the main reason standing in the way of success. As one of that camp…someone about to bail, what do you do? How do you make him see the best thing he could do is step aside? Or is it the best thing he can do?

A dilemma for sure but one that is happening in too many places right now, mostly because the leader got the job for all the wrong reasons.

Do you leave? Have a heart to heart with him? How do you resolve a problem that could potentially bring the organization down?

I’d love to hear…

Donna Karlin • Executive and Political Shadow Coach™ • Ottawa, Canada • •