Shortcut Keys in Vista

The average person could save up to 10 minutes per day by using shortcut keys. From saving and printing to select all, etc… That is one full weeks worth of work per year!


The most forgotten of the shortcut keys is the Windows key. The one that looks lole the Microsoft Windows logo. I love my Windows Key. It is the key that on every laptop I have ever owned, will always get worn off first and was my biggest pet peeve with ThinkPad’s as they did not have a Windows Key for a long time.

What does it do? Why is it so cool you ask?? Well…let me give you…

Stephen’s Top 10 Coolest Little Known Shortcuts featuring the Vista Windows Key in No Particular Order:

Windows + # = Launches shortcut in Quick Launch with the position corresponding to the # entered. ( I LOVE THIS ONE!!)

Windows + Break = Displays system properties

Windows +U= Launches Ease of Access Center

Windows + L = Lock Workstation

Windows + X= Launches Windows Mobility Center ( I use this on my laptop all the time)

Windows + Spacebar = Switches to Sidebar

Windows + G= Cycles through Sidebar Gadgets

Windows + Tab = Aero 3-D Switch view

Windows + Tab+CNTRL= Use the arrow keys to cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Windows Flip 3-D

CNTRL + Windows + F= Search for computers

Enjoy that extra week per year. You owe me.


Stephen is Sr. Partner and Network Architect with Odyssey Consulting Group