I Love My Windows Mobile 6 (believe it…or not)

There are three types of people in the world.
Blackberry users, Treo users and Windows Mobile users.


I have been through all three in my search for the perfect mobile computing solution. I did the Treo 650. It needed plug in’s galore to be compatible with my apps. I had the early Blackberry 5810. It was very clunky and reminded me of the old WWII in the field crank em phones, and I had a early version of Windows Mobile which was well… Windows but not Windows enough.

So…I bought a Blackjack early this year with WM5 and was surprised and happy. I became at long last Windows Mobile fan. I just upgraded to the Blackjack II and with it came Windows Mobile 6.

So…is it really better? I am happy to say….it is.

For those of you looking at a WM6 phone…here’s what is new.
•Smart Filter:With Smart Filter in email, simply type the subject, word, name or text you want to search for and VOILA!

•Support for Exchange Server 2007

•Windows Mobile 6 adds a number of hotkeys so you can quickly deal with the email in your mailbox i.e. F for Flag or A for Reply to All

•Support for HTML Email. No more plain text only emails

•Storage Card Encryption

•Improved Calendar including invitees and Accept/Decline status.

•Improved versions of Office Mobile (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

•Improved Mobile IE

•Full version of Windows Live (Formerly Windows Messenger

•Updated Windows Media Player

•And it looks more Vista like

So…if you are searching for a true mobile computing platform, look into Windows Mobile 6.


Stephen is Sr. Partner and Network Architect with Odyssey Consulting Group