Hurry Sickness

I’m sitting here on a Sunday working. I’ve been working most of the weekend except for a walk on the beach with my beloved dog Roxanne (she doesn’t think it’s anywhere near enough walking — she’s bored!).

I’m feeling guilty about working all weekend, but I do it all the time! I feel guilty if I don’t because there is sooooooooo much to do, and I’d fall sooooooooo far behind if I didn’t. I’ve been promising myself for years that I’d stop this.

There is a thing called Hurry Sickness; we literally make ourselves sick by hurrying all the time to get too many things done — work and personal stuff. Having too much to do seems to be so much a part of our lives these days that we just take it for granted and accept it — well, there’s even a name for it!

I like Craig Wilson’s column in USA Today. Once he wrote about simplifying his life. Seems like we all want that. If we could do so, maybe we wouldn’t have Hurry Sickness and work all weekend! He mentioned that the founder of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning says we should ask ourselves two key questions:

1.If you had only 24 hours left, who did you not get to be?

2.What did you not get to do?

Supposedly these get at what is really meaningful: have you been devoting your life to making money, when important things such as your family, your community, your “spirit” have been ignored? Yikes, that hurts!!! There are a few leaders I know who might think about this too.

Anyway, I’m done with this blog, and I’m not working anymore today, so there!

Jim Bolt**