Innovation: Does My Stomach Believe My Eyes?

The worst institutional food short of Sloppy Joes at a junior high school cafeteria has long been found flying through the air. Inflight fare hasn’t been the butt of jokes for no reason — food service has become a casualty of hard economic times that airlines have faced over the recent years.

And today, in fact, the real airline innovators don’t feed you at all.

Well, it may be that the accountants’ reign at the airline griddle is coming to an end. Air carriers are belatedly rediscovering that — surprise! — passengers care about what they put in their bellies.

I have to think that the burgeoning à la carte trend among the major carriers is at the root of this re-emergence of fair airline fare.

In fact, Amy Dunkin and Romy Drucke at BusinessWeek report that to whet passengers’ appetites — and entice their loyalty — carriers like American, Continental, Delta, JetBlue, Lufthansa, and Midwest are actually improving onboard fare, highlighted by pay-as-you-go menu choices.

Still, imagine! Good airline food!

Yes, I know — I have to re-read what I just wrote. The words “airline” and “good food” in the same sentence? My stomach won’t quite believe what my eyes are telling me.

How about you?

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