Military vs. MBA

At an employment fair in San Diego, Nextel,, Morgan Stanley, Johnson & Johnson and Clorox, to name a few or the 49 companies present, were very busy hiring former military service members. These companies were eagerly snatching up veterans; even in some cases offering hiring bonuses. What’s up?

According to the head of leadership development at one company, “The No. 1 thing is their leadership ability. They learn fast. They’re disciplined. They are a lot more serious than their civilian peers.” A senior exec from another firm said, “We find that military people really understand managing multiple priorities, and overall customer satisfaction. They have a real go-get-it attitude. They are self-starters who won’t leave until the job is done right.”

Hmmmmm, I know a few companies who could use some of this. And, not only to address the benchstrengh challenges most of them are facing. What I mean is, do the typical MBAs you are hiring today (and paying a gazillion dollars for) have these traits????

OK, I admit it I’m biased. I went through Air Force Officer Training School and it was the best training I could have had. I think we should have mandatory two year military service for everyone — there I said it, go ahead, send in the nasty rebuttals!
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